Terms & Conditions

September 1, 2022
  1. All vehicles must be covered by your personal insurance Whist left with us at diamond cut wheels Birmingham.
  2. We do not accept any responsibility for any damages to the valve or TPMS sensors where the valve has become corroded or fused. It is the owner's responsibility if such a system is in place.
  3. The locking wheel nut must be to hand and accessible while work is being carried out. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the wheel nuts are free and able to be removed, if this is not the case and our technicians can't remove the wheel nuts on the day, this will be classified as a cancellation of the booking.
  4. When the Job is complete our technicians will inflate the tyres to the correct pressure however it is the responsibility of the customer to check the pressures post refurbishment and at regular intervals, we are not responsible to reset any systems on your car, this is the customer's responsibility. Please refer to the vehicle handbook.
  5. Pricing: the price which is agreed at the time of booking is a quote, if the wheels are inspected on the day of repair and are viewed as being in worse condition than quoted the price may be higher, and customers will be informed of this before any additional work is carried out.
  6. Diamond cut wheels Birmingham accepts no responsibility for any poor previous refurbishment, this can often affect the refurbishment process and may not come to light until the diamond cutting process has started, if this is the case and additional work is needed to rectify this will be changed accordingly and in some extreme cases the refurbishment will need to be cancelled as it's not possible to repair by our mobile unit.
  7. Booking: all bookings require a 25% non-refundable deposit, this is to guarantee your booking and is removed from the final fee.
  8. On the day our technicians will torque your wheel nuts to the manufacturer's settings when the wheels are re-fitted to your car. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure this is checked at regular intervals post refurbishment.

On the day of your appointment

Your car will be jacked up, put into axel stands and wheels removed. For this we will require a flat off road space. We will require somewhere to park our large van and access to power. Please ensure that you have your locking wheel nut to hand and any tyre shine/ slick is thoroughly washed off before your appointment as this reacts with our paint and can affect the end result.
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