Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurb Finishes

Take a look at some of the alloy wheel repairs, repaint and refurbs that we've completed around Birmingham and the West Midlands.
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Before/After of an Alloy Wheel Repair

This alloy wheel has suffered deep scratches and chips in the outer rim, we where able to use our state of the art mobile diamond cutting machine to repair the wheel. A clear lacquer was then applied to bring it back to its former glory.

Before/After Alloy Wheel Refurb

This alloy wheel has numerous scuffs and scratches, we where able o fully refurbish and recut this wheel and now it looks like new.
Before After Before After
Before After Before After

Before/After Alloy Wheel Re-Paint

This previous colour wasn't cutting it for this client so we re painted it in a darker grey and finishes it with a clear gloss lacquer.

Before/After of Alloy Wheel Rust Removal & Refurb

Having your wheels corrode can become very problematic and unpleasant to look at, we were able to remove the corrosion and refurbish the alloy wheels with out state of the art mobile CNC unit, this was done in a matter of hours at the customers home without any inconvenience to their day.
Before After Before After
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